The Good Place, Season 2

NBC          Creator: Michael Schur

What a rollercoaster ride season 2 has been, with Mr. Schur taking the risk of radically altering the story arc, sometimes on a weekly basis. It pays off handsomely as this is one of this year’s best comedies, thanks to the sharp writing and outstanding cast, none better than Ted Danson. Kristen Bell is also excellent, but all six principal characters are very well played.

There were several times during the season where I thought, “Where can they possibly take this next?”, to be amazingly surprised by the twists and turns. The season finale is a hell of a thing which makes perfect sense, given all the other radical story changes. It’s also a perfect place to leave the audience, anticipating what season 3 will bring. I can’t wait! Definitely one of the best comedies on TV. Must See