The Vietnam War

PBS          Creators: Ken Burns and Lynn Novick

One of the most profound viewing experiences I have ever had. A deep examination of the 30 plus year history of the war and post-war, from many perspectives including those of the French, soldiers, government officials, protesters, activists, and most importantly, both North and South Vietnamese. Mr. Burns and co-director Ms. Novick are masterful as usual, but especially so given the scope of the project, the breadth off the available material, and the complexity of the issues they include.

The audience is placed inside the war from both sides of the conflict, and given insights behind the motivations and reasoning of each faction. The result is not only a comprehensive examination of what Burns calls the most significant event since WWII, but a wrestling with the questions surrounding the justice and morality of war itself. Given the nature of our current times, it seems the lessons of Vietnam have not been learned, and the urgency of that task is high. As with almost every Burns effort, this is the strongest Must See.