Top Films of 2017

It’s awards season again, so there is no shortage of ‘best of’ lists out there. Although I’m not a fan of the awards culture, mostly because I dislike making a competition out of art, I do like reading lists as a way of being introduced to work of which I was not yet aware. This season always gets me pondering about my favorite films, so I will share them here.

My list approach is not so much about what is ‘best’ but instead what are my favorites, which often has more to do with the impact a film had on me and how it sticks with me. I also don’t limit the number of films on my list, or rank them against each other. I do acknowledging that each has received my rating of Must See or Should See, and hence are my ‘top’ films. I list them by title in alphabetical order.

*This list may be revised as I see films which I haven’t screened as of this posting.


My 22 Favorites*

Others Impacting Me*